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With our Wolfcom management software, your officers can just dock it and go. Our management software will automatically download, organize, and encrypt all files from the body camera. Once download is completed, it will erase all files from the body camera and charge the unit for the next day. The next day your officers can just pick it up and go. Its completely configurable to your requirement.

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 Body Worn Cameras for the Professional

Wolfcom Body Worn Cameras are made specifically for Law Enforcement and Military

Military and Law Enforcement Grade Body Cameras

The Photo Function lets and officer photograph crimes scenes, bodily injury and property damage.

The Most Versatile Body Camera ever made

Body cameras record interactions with the public and reduces complaints!

Find out why Police Officers are making the change to Wolfcom

Our Body Cameras are comfortable with multiple functions and features

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 Introducing our all New...

Evidence Management Solution by WOLFCOM®

with (IHR) Intelligent Hybrid Recognition™ Technology

New WOLFCOM management software

How do you manage all of you photo, video, and audio evidence?
Especially if you have multiple officers with precious evidence on their body worn cameras or from their In-Car Dash cameras.

NEW Evidence Management Solution will do it all for you.

Digital Evidence Management for Law Enforcement

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution is a robust and flexible digital evidence management solution that can manage your video assets, photos, audio files, and documents. The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution is 100% compliant with IACP standards for digital evidence management. A user, with proper rights and privileges, will be able to tag, view, verify integrity of the asset, generate an audit trail report, setup file sharing for specified users for a set period of time and automatically purge the files based on the department’s retention policies.
Have just one system to manage all your digital evidence.
The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution is designed to manage all your department's digital evidence from body camera videos, digital pictures, in-car videos, surveillance camera videos, documents, audio recordings and other standard media files. This allows officers the ability to quickly find and view digital evidence. Wolfcom knows that no two agencies are exactly alike. Our approach is to identify your unique challenges and develop a solution that addresses and solves problems for your department.
GPS GeoTagging Map can be viewed on software.

Since the GPS coordinated are stamped onto every video and picture file, frame by frame and picture by picture. When reviewing videos on the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution, you will be able to see the route of the video simultaneously on the map next to the video and as the video moves so does the dot on the map. This is valuable when reviewing video of a foot or car chase as you'll be able to see the exact route taken as footage of the chase unfolds before you.
Finding a file is quick and easy.

The intuitive user interface is officer-friendly and simple to use. Thumbnail file previews allows you to see thumbnails of picture or preview a video to make sure you have the correct file. Having all your information easily accessible in one place allows officers to spend more time fighting crime and less time wrestling with digital files. All metadata from a file is searchable by date, times, location, camera, officer, room numbers and much more. Evidence can be viewed from any department computer on the net work. Wolfcom can provide either a web-based of a client/server based solution, based on your department's preference.
Evidence is organized by Case Number.
 Police activities are categorized by a Case Number or similar identifier, this allows the officers to organize all digital evidence from that case to a specific Case Number. So when they pull up a case, they can view all the digital evidence from it.
Define access levels to evidence.
 The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution allows each department to dictate what evidence can be viewed by each user. Groups and Organizations are configured to align with the policies of your department.
Always protect your chain of custody.
 All activity is logged by the system. An audit trail report displays who, what, when and where files have been accessed. With this system, you will not lose a case because a break in chain of custody.
Configure file retention periods.
 Only store critical information and automatically delete evidence once expired.  The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution allows evidence to be purged from the system based upon configured retention periods or by an authorized user. Schedule retention period by evidence type or by crime type.
Automated DVD burning.
 The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution eliminates the manual task of burning DVDs by allowing officers to easily burn DVDs to a robotic DVD burner.  The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution sends this networked DVD burned all selected files and the DVD burner does the rest. Burn DVDs that include multiple forms of digital evidence. Media players are included on the disk to eliminate the challenges with playback.
Maximize your storage investment.
 Most system treat all digital evidence the same. They maintain it all on the same storage for the same length of time. The Wolfcom Evidence Management Solution allows you to catalog your digital evidence based on its importance. You can store evidence in either a centralized location or distributed locations, based on your preference. Digital evidence is deleted when the associated time period is expired.

How is Video handled by the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution?
Video is downloaded from the body worn cameras and ingested by the software. Once ingested, it is encrypted with an SHA2 256 bit hash, which exceeds IACP standards, and tagged with meta-data. Since we run on standard TCPIP we can also implement a VPN or IPSEC for an even higher security.

Our Solution can handle thousands of users. It completely supports and synchronizes with Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP compliant) for easy integration. You can synchronize the groups and users allowing the users to use their Windows login and password for authentication. You will then be able to assign rights and privileges to users and/or groups.

An officer's badge number can also be programmed into each unit. All video and audio recordings will have the officer's badge number stamped onto it along side the date, time and GPS coordinates. Furthermore, each unit also has its own permanent, unique ID. The Wolfcom software will automatically associate the IDs with the users allowing you to search and organize your assets (i.e. videos, audio files, photos, etc.) based on this meta-data. The search capability includes a wild-card search.
Our solution provides the capability to create tags. These tags can be setup for freeform text or setup with a dropdown containing predefined choices. Through these tags, you can setup case numbers and even specify the user confirms the case number by entering in the case number again. Or, if you choose, we can custom integrate our solution with your Computer Aided Dispatch to automatically pull the case number or verify it against the other system.
We support all of the requested file formats and also photos, audio files, documents and virtually anything that is digital. Our solution not only supports video files from our body-worn system, we also support proprietary formats from other Video Management Systems (VMS), such as Genetec, Pelco, Milestone, Onssi, etc
Everything done in the software is logged: from logins to failed logins, from viewing video to bookmarking video. Everything is audited and captured in a detailed Chain of Custody Report. The audit trail report covers everything a user does with the asset. It includes all software actions completed on an asset. This report can be generated separately or included in the export or burning to DVD of the asset.
Based on the software’s tagging capability, asset/s can be sent to another folder, storage or to the Wolfcom system. This function can be configured to allow assets to be viewed by other users for set periods of time. Also, by having the option to send a copy of the asset to another Wolfcom system, it can be shared with the DA or other departments without interfering with your own personal solution. Using this same tagging system an asset can be purged based on configuration from the department. With the move to another storage location this can also include automatic retention update and apply a different set of users or groups that may get access to these files.
The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution has the capability to schedule file movement. For example, video files can be ingested immediately and be reviewed right away, but will not move to the centralized storage until the schedule allows it to do so (i.e. 12:00am to 6:00am).
With proper rights/privileges, a user can go to Export or Burn a DVD. By burning a DVD, video can be shared with the DA or other departments without interfering with your own personal solution. Video is exported in .WMV format which is playable on all Windows computers with Windows Media Player.

Should the user wish to redact certain portions of the video from the DVD, they can Redact right at the Video. From this point the user can select a beginning and end time and then proceed with the Export or Burn to DVD process. Only the specific portion selected from the beginning and end time will be exported or burned to DVD. This process does not alter the original file which will still be complete, unedited and encrypted.
In our Wolfcom Management Software, you have the option to convert files to standard media for playback in Windows. If you choose the convert option, you will be able to playback files on any Windows computer using Windows Media Player.
The software solution will automatically purge assets based on the department’s retention policies. Wolfcom Management Software can be configured to purge assets in one automatic step or it can go through virtually an unlimited number of steps for approval prior to final deletion. At each stage the asset can be approved by one or many people in that specific stage. Each case or asset can have its own retention configuration. As the asset makes its way through the workflow of approval, each stage will be captured and documented in the audit trail report. If there are critical assets that need to be kept forever then backing them up to a tape library automatically is possible. Files may also be burned to DVD for backup.
Our software doesn’t provide editing tools by design. We do not want to allow a user to easily access the original evidence and edit it. This would compromise the authenticity. But rather we support customers who export a copy of the video out of the software and then use Adobe Premier or Avid to edit/enhance or blur/pixilate video as needed. At that point, they can re-ingest the video back into the software and have the original and the edited version with continuity intact.
We can provide a complete backup and restore solution. Through our Wolfcom solution we can have all or specific assets sent to multiple locations for local and/or offsite redundancy.

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