BodyCam Sync™ Software

With "Dock and Go" Technology".
Works with any CCI certified body cameras

Are you Dragging and Dropping videos from your body camera to your PC? 
Have you ever calculated how much time it takes you to do that per day or per year?

Time is Money and BodyCam Sync™ will save you both.

Never drag and drop again. BodyCam Sync™ will automatically upload files from your body camera to a folder on your computer. If you have multiple cameras, simply dock the cameras or connect them to your computer and BodyCam Sync™ will do the rest. 

  • Seconds to install. Easy to use. Works on any Windows 7 and 10 PC.
  • Automatically detects each body camera and creates a folder for it.
  • Automatically creates separate folders with user Badge ID and Device ID.
  • Videos are automatically uploaded and sorted onto each officer's folder.
  • Add as many cameras as you want.
  • Upload up to 12 body cameras simultaneously.
  • Dock and Go Technology saves you Time & Money.
  • Works with any CCI Certified Body Camera.

For more information on how to download BodyCam Sync, please click here.