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Body Cameras for the Professional

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Wolfcom police body worn cameras do more than other body cameras and for much less.

Wolfcom body worn cameras are used by thousands of Law Enforcement Officers.

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 Body Worn Cameras for the Professional

Wolfcom Body Worn Cameras are made specifically for Law Enforcement and Military

Military and Law Enforcement Grade Body Cameras

The Photo Function lets and officer photograph crimes scenes, bodily injury and property damage.

The Most Versatile Body Camera ever made

Body cameras record interactions with the public and reduces complaints!

Find out why Police Officers are making the change to Wolfcom

Our Body Cameras are comfortable with multiple functions and features

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"Because Cops Deserve The Best"

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Police Body Worn Video Management:


Wolfcom Cloud Hosted Storage


cloud storage from WolfcomWolfcom Cloud Service for Law Enforcement

We are now offering WolfcomCloud video storage for the Wolfcom 3rd Eye and Wolfcom Vision body cameras. Wolfcom has partnered with Iveda, a leading enabler of cloud-based video surveillance, through its proprietary Sentir™ platform. The next generation of WolfcomCloud, which will be available in the first quarter of 2015, will include real-time streaming video direct to cloud storage. The added functionality of live video allows headquarters to assist an officer in distress during an ongoing event. This new feature is unique compared to other after-the-fact solutions. Iveda has a SAFETY Act Designation by the Department of Homeland as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology Provider.

How Wolfcom cloud works

By Bluetooth or WIFI

Wolfcom’s body cameras will be able to transmit live streaming video direct to cloud storage, instantaneously, without additional software or hardware. The combination of patent-pending superior body cameras that are reasonably priced and WolfcomCloud is unparalleled in the industry.

 Wolfcom cloud diagram

By 3G/4G/LTE Module


Coming Soon


Wolfcom Live™ with GPS Direct™



police body camera live remote view


Our new Wolfcom Live™ technology will enable law enforcement to remotely view live video footage from a police officer's Wolfcom body camera or Wolfcom's In-Car Video camera system.. Wolfcom Live™ technology will allow commanding officers to make critical decisions based on observation view remotely.


GPS direct and cloud storage





Together with Wolfcom's GPS Direct™ technology, commanding officers will not only see live video footage but will also see the officers location on a map. In the event of a police pursuit, the dot on a map will move with the video allowing commanding officers to send assistance, set up road blocks, and authorize PIT maneuvers. This is especially crucial as real time video and MAP data will allow the viewer to see ahead of a pursuit allowing him to choose the perfect spot to execute an action away from the public.

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