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Our Body camera experience.

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Wolfcom police body worn cameras are designed and assembled in Hollywood, California under sunny blue skies and palm trees.

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can record over 17 hours of video, snap over 20,000 photos, and record over 500 hours of audio. This police body camera can record up to 1080p with a battery life of 6 hours of continuous non stop video recording.

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 Body Worn Cameras for the Professional

Wolfcom Body Worn Cameras are made specifically for Law Enforcement and Military

Military and Law Enforcement Grade Body Cameras

The Photo Function lets and officer photograph crimes scenes, bodily injury and property damage.

The Most Versatile Body Camera ever made

Body cameras record interactions with the public and reduces complaints!

Find out why Police Officers are making the change to Wolfcom

Our Body Cameras are comfortable with multiple functions and features

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"Because Cops Deserve The Best"

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From Body Camera to Car Camera in an Instant!


The Instant Police In-Car Camera


The Wolfcom Vision Police Body Camera doubles as the first instant police in-car camera.  Just attach the Wolfcom Vision to the car’s visor and flick the One Touch Record switch. 

 police dash camera


body camera on policeman


This small tiny unit will record crystal clear color video at 1080p true HD resolution. With a viewing angle of 120 degrees, this bodycam turned in-car camera will record everything in front of the vehicle.The Wolfcom Vision normally records body worn video, but can be quickly and easily set up to record in-car video in a pinch.


The practically of this feature is easy to appreciate. With police department’s budgets being stretched, versatile equipment makes sense.  As police dash cameras are expensive and police body worn video cameras are becoming more and more common, technology is making it possible for one device to have many uses. 


Any police vehicle can now have a camera.  An unmarked police car that cannot have the complete setup can now have a full 1080P HD camera with a wide angle lens instantly

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