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Wolfcom police body worn cameras are designed and assembled in Hollywood, California under sunny blue skies and palm trees.

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can record over 17 hours of video, snap over 20,000 photos, and record over 500 hours of audio. This police body camera can record up to 1080p with a battery life of 6 hours of continuous non stop video recording.

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 Body Worn Cameras for the Professional

Wolfcom Body Worn Cameras are made specifically for Law Enforcement and Military

Military and Law Enforcement Grade Body Cameras

The Photo Function lets and officer photograph crimes scenes, bodily injury and property damage.

The Most Versatile Body Camera ever made

Body cameras record interactions with the public and reduces complaints!

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Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body Worn Camera




The Wolfcom 3rd Eye police body camera is more than just a body camera. It is a multi-purpose, multi-functional, indispensable law enforcement tool that will assist officers in their everyday duties. Whether it is a routine traffic stop, a domestic violence call, a criminal investigation, evidence gathering, a vehicle pursuit, or an officer-involved shooting, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye body camera will be with you every step of the way.


Truly the first of its kind, no other police body camera can do what this one can.  With the ability to record video in true HD 1080P, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye is the highest video recording quality body camera recorder in the market today. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye features One Touch Recording for instant video recording activation. During video recording an officer can also reach up and discreetly press a camera button that will silently snap a photo of the person or persons being questioned. Its 120 degree built in wide angle lens capture's more than just the action. With a wide angle field of view combined with HD quality video, playback puts you right in the shoes of the user. With built-in GPS, every video will have Time, Date, and GPS Coordinates stamped onto each and every Video file, frame by frame and picture by picture.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can also be connected to your two-way radio replacing your current lapel speaker mic. This means no extra equipment to carry or worry about. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye does not use battery power from your radio and the speaker mic will still function even if the Wolfcom 3rd Eye runs out of power or is turned off.  With Covert Ear Piece Connectivity, you'll be able to discreetly monitor radio traffic without alarming the public or giving away your position during tense situations. The earpiece plugs right into the radio cable and screws securely in place.


IMG_8419.JPGWear it low on your belt or up near your chest. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye has multiple mounting options that lets you choose what’s best for you. Your officers will be able to record video, take photos, and record conversations, all at a push of a button. Documenting crimes scenes, vandalism, witness and victims statements, property damage, etc, can now be accomplished with one single unit.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye also has a voice recording option for recording sound when no video is needed. It’s perfect for recording victims or witnesses statements, especially when they are camera shy. During questioning, an officer can simply detach the unit from his body, switch the Wolfcom 3rd Eye to Voice Recorder Mode and hold the unit like a microphone in front of the person being questioned. The unit can store over 500 hours of audio recordings.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is the very first police body camera featuring infrared LEDs for lowlight and night time situations. The switch to activate the night vision LEDs are located at the front of the unit making it easy to switch on in stressful conditions, Night vision can be toggled on or off with ease in both video and camera mode. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police body camera also allows the user to take photos while recording Video simultaneously.


Law enforcement agencies that use the Wolfcom 3rd Eye will have the ability to enter an officer's badge number onto the unit. The badge number will be displayed in 2 locations: on the bottom of the display screen and also on every video and photo file. All videos and photos taken with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye will have the date, time, badge number, and GPS coordinates stamped onto it. It will accept up to 8 Alpha-Numeric characters.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is the first police body camera with time, date, and GPS coordinates stamped onto the upper left hand corner of every video and picture file. Not only can the officer prove what day and time the incident took place, he can prove his exact location as well. Each Wolfcom 3rd Eye unit also has its own Unique ID that can be assigned to a specific officer. With our GPS GeoTag sensor built right into the unit, the location of the video or photo will always be recorded and saved to memory.


During a foot chase or vehicle pursuit, an officer has a million things going on in his mind. The last thing he wants to do is to take his eyes off the suspect. With the Wolfcom 3rd Eye GPS Geotag function the officer can press the Snap Shot button to record the exact location that an item was tossed out by a suspect. After the pursuit is over, if the officer cannot remember the location where the items were tossed, he can then bring up the GPS coordinates to pinpoint the exact location.

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The Wolfcom 3rd Eye police and military body camera can also be used by an officer to peek around corners or into a dark room or attic giving him a safe tactical advantage without exposing his body to harm. An officer can also use the 3rd Eye to record video or snap a photo for later analysis of the situation. Video or photo images from the 3rd Eye's perspective will provide officers with precious intelligence such as how many suspects, hostages, weapons, and types of weapons, including the layout of the room or area. Our low light capability and infrared technology allows the officer to see who and what is waiting for him in the dark.

With the Wolfcom 3rd Eye an officer can instantly snap photos of crucial evidence from crime scenes, evidence gathering victim injuries, vandalism, property damage, car accidents, burglaries, drugs, weapons, etc. Every photo will have GPS coordinates stamped onto every image file along with date and time.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye allows the officer to instantly playback audio, video, and picture files. The officer can pause, rewind and fast forward at a maximum of 16x speed. During video playback the officer can pause a video and perform a screen capture saving the image to memory. With our Password Protect feature the officer can only playback and review files but cannot delete anything unless permitted by the Administrator.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye allows the officer to discreetly snap photos during video recording. In the event that an officer is speaking to someone and wants to take a picture without that person knowing, all he needs to do is simply reach up and press the snap shot button. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye will silently take a photo of that person and save it to memory. This is extremely useful in the event that person becomes a suspect, the officer can quickly pull up that person's image without going through several minutes of video.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can also be used as an In-Car camera video recorder. During Video recording, GPS coordinates are stamped onto every Video file. When reviewing videos on our software you'll be able to see the route of the video simultaneously on a map next to it and as the video moves so does the dot on the map. This is valuable when reviewing video of a foot or car chase as you'll be able to see the exact route taken as footage of the chase unfolds before you.



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