Police Body Camera by WOLFCOM

Model: Halo


CCI Number: I021919 (Check Status)

Country: USA

Website: www.WolfcomUSA.com

Email: contact@WolfcomGlobal.com

Phone: +1 626 794 9007

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The Halo Body Camera is the newest addition to the WOLFCOM solution. With a whopping 11 hours of battery life, the Halo is waterproof and rated at IP67. It has automatic night vision capability that can see and record in pitch black darkness. Built-in GPS stamps the coordinates of the camera onto every video and photo files. During a foot pursuit, an officer can mark the location of drugs or weapons tossed by a suspect for later retrieval. AES Encryption prevents data from falling into the wrong hands. The camera has pre-record and post-record ensuring everything is captured. Scroll down to read camera features.

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WOLFCOM® Evidence Management System (WEMS)

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Use our CJIS Compliant Evidence Management Software for complete security and protection of body camera evidence.  Our new Evidence Management System is now Web-Based and completely scalable for the future. It can be accessed from any browser on your network and is available as a Cloud or an On-Premises Solution. It's a robust and flexible digital evidence management solution that can manage your video assets, photos, audio files, and documents. A user, with proper rights and privileges, will be able to tag, view and verify the integrity of the asset, generate an audit trail report, and automatically purge files based on the department’s retention policies. Click here to learn more!

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Body Camera Features and Specifications

Model Number


Field of View


Maximum Video Resolution


Maximum Frames Per Second

30 FPS

Video Formats


Maximum Photo Resolution

32 megapixels




Built-in 32GB



Battery Life

Up to 10 hours of continuous recording

IPX Rating



80 x 56 x 25 mm / 3.14" x 2.20" x 0.98"


135g / 0.297lb


1 year

Night Vision


Date and Time Stamp