3rd Eye Camera

The Swiss Army Knife of Body Cameras

The 3rd Eye is considered by many to be the most versatile police body cameras in the market. Its features include 1080p recording with H.264 video compression capability, 16 megapixel camera with GPS, audio recorder, 2-way radio integration, in-car camera system, night vision, 2 user password, evidence tagging, invert recording, evidence management software, 2" LCD screen, HDMI plug, pre-record, one-touch record, 8x digital zoom, and many more. We are going to get into more details about some of the features of this amazing body worn camera below.

GPS Coordinates Stamped on Video and Image Files

Regardless of whether the 3rd Eye is being used to record videos or snap photos, every one of the files generated by the body camera in these 2 modes will be stamped with GPS coordinates and, when visualized in the Evidence Management Software, a map will display the exact location where the photo was taken and the real-time movement of the officer when the video was being recorded. 

In-Car Camera System

Car mode can be easily turned on at the click of a button and the suction car mount allows a 360-degree rotation of the camera, for situations when the officer needs to record the inside of the car for any reason. All of the videos are integrated with GPS coordinates and,

3rd eye bodycam hooked to suction cup

as mentioned before, the playback files have a built-in map that shows the real-time movement of the car when the video was being recorded.


radio functionality on 3rd eye bodycam

2-Way Radio Integration and Invert Recording

When connected to a 2-way radio, the 3rd Eye instantly replaces the speaker mic, eliminating that extra weight without using any battery from the radio. Upside down recording, or invert recording, is available for officers who like to have their lapel mics hanging over their shoulder, so they can use the 3rd Eye body camera the same way they would use their mic. A covert earpiece is also available and can be plugged into the radio cable, allowing officers to discreetly monitor radio traffic without giving away their position.

LCD screen and HDMI port

The 3rd Eye body worn camera is equipped with a 2" LCD screen that allows instant playback of video, audio and picture files. It also has an HDMI plug for easy display of 

evidence in the case of emergencies, which allows the body camera to be connected to a television or projector. When the playback feature is active, the user is able to capture screenshots, play, pause, rewind, and fast forward the videos and audios to a speed of up to 16x.

One Touch Record

This feature allows the officer to turn his body camera on by simply pushing a switch downwards, that way no time is wasted when turning on the device. A switch is much more effective than a button because it allows the officer to know the status of the body camera through a simple touch, without digressing from the situation by having to look at the camera.

To learn about the Evidence Management Software integrated with this camera, click here.