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CJIS Certificate of Integration

Here is where you can check the CCI Status of your Body Camera Manufacturer. If your body camera vendor is not listed here, then they are not certified for integration with WEMS

If you are a body camera manufacturer and wish to receive CCI certification number, please apply here.

If you would like to report a fake or illegal CCI certification, please send email to Legal@WolfcomGlobal.com

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As per President Trumps Cybersecurity Executive order, Software developed and distributed from Russia, Iran, or China are not considered secure and may contain malicious code that will allow a hacker to penetrate your Government network.


The body cameras below have received A CCI (CJIS Certification of Integration)

Company Body Camera Model Date Issued CCI Number
WatchMan DV3500 A1121800
AEE PD76 - Pending
AEE PD77R - Pending
AEE PD77G - Pending
BesoVideo WB720 - Not Issued
BesoVideo WZ128 - Not Issued
Buoth DMT9 - Not Issued
Censee CS-VD-5000II-502HD - Not Issued
Kedacom DSJ-U1 - Not Issued
Kirisun Technology H900 - Pending
Novestom NVS7 - Not Issued
Novestom NVS4-B - Not Issued
Novestom NVS9-B - Not Issued
Novestom NVS3-A - Not Issued
Novestom NVS4 - Not Issued
Novestom NVS5 - Not Issued
Oxiang OX-ZP605G - Not Issued
Patrol Eyes SC-DV10 - Pending
Patrol Eyes DV5-2 - Pending
Shenzhen Okaf 4G Body Worn Camera - Not Issued
WOLFCOM Enterprises 3rd EYE W0230181
WOLFCOM Enterprises Commander 09/11/2018 W0911184
WOLFCOM Enterprises IOTA 09/11/2018 W0911183
WOLFCOM Enterprises Vision 02/30/2018 W0230182
WOLFCOM Enterprises X1 09/11/2018 W0911185
Yuanboda YBD-20 - Not Issued
Yuanboda YB-80 - Not Issued
Yuanboda YB12-4G - Not Issued
Yuanboda YB-70 - Not Issued