WOLFCOM Cloud Evidence Management System

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Developed in the USA by WOLFCOM®

WOLFCOM® continues setting new standards in securing evidence. Designed with security in mind, our WOLFCOM Evidence Management System was developed to be secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Integrates with any 3rd Party Body Camera

WEMS is able to integrate with any 3rd party body camera from any vendor or manufacturer. All that's needed is for your vendor or manufacturer to apply for a CCI number (CJIS Certificate of Integration). You can forward this link to them.

Have just one system to manage all your digital evidence

The WOLFCOM Cloud Evidence Management Solution is designed to manage all your digital evidence from body camera videos, digital pictures, in-car videos, surveillance camera videos, documents, audio recordings, and other standard media files. This allows you to quickly find and view digital evidence.

Universal Dashboard

Having a simple Widget Application Dashboard makes the software easy-to-use and instinctual, with a minimal learning curve for users.

Finding a file is quick and easy

The intuitive user interface is user-friendly and simple to use. Thumbnail file preview allows you to see thumbnails of pictures or preview a video to make sure you have the correct file. Having all your information easily accessible in one place allows officers to spend more time fighting crime and less time wrestling with digital files. 

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Evidence is organized by Case Number

Law Enforcement activities are categorized by a Case Number or similar identifier; this allows the officers to organize all digital evidence from that case to a specific Case Number. So, when they pull up a case, they can view all the digital evidence affiliated with that case.

Define access levels to evidence

Our Evidence Management Solution allows each department to dictate what evidence can be viewed by each user. Groups and Organizations are configured to align with the policies of your department, and all this can be customized.

Always protect your chain of custody

All activity is logged by the system. An audit trail report displays who, what, when and where files have been accessed. With this system, you will not lose a case because a break in chain of custody.

File Authentication

Once a file is ingested into the Evidence Management Solution, it will be stamped with a SHA2 256-bit Hash. This will assure all files are authentic and admissible in court.

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Configure file retention periods

Only store critical information and automatically delete evidence once expired. Our Evidence Management Solution allows evidence to be purged from the system based upon configured retention periods or by an authorized user. Schedule retention period by evidence type or by crime type.

GPS GeoTagging Map can be viewed on software

With GPS enabled body cameras, GPS coordinates are stamped onto every video and picture file, frame by frame and picture by picture. When reviewing videos in our software, you will be able to see the route of the video simultaneously on the map next to it, and as the video moves, so does the dot on the map. This is valuable when reviewing video of a foot or car chase as you'll be able to see the exact route taken as footage of the chase unfolds before you.