POV Headset Camera Attachment for VENTURE Body Camera


Clip-On Camera for Point of View Recording

Expand the capability of your VENTURE Body Camera by adding a POV camera. This external camera connects to the VENTURE allowing you to record wherever you are looking. Once connected, our Critical Re-Connect Technology will be activated.

The Eye Vision™ (POV) Point Of View camera with built-in microphone, can be clipped on to a police officer's cap, helmet, shirt collar, epaulet, sunglasses, safety glasses, or prescription glasses allowing the officer to see and record in the direction his head is facing. Once the Eye Vision camera is plugged into the Wolfcom VENTURE  A/V port, the main camera on the VENTURE  is deactivated and all audio and video recording is taken from the external Eye Vision POV Camera.

What's included: 

1 x Headset Camera 
1 x 1 Year Warranty and Support

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