Vision Body Camera

Small lightweight profile

Made of Aircraft grade aluminum and only weighing 2.2 ounces, this body camera is smaller than a credit card and less than half an inch thick. It may be small but it has more features than almost all of the Body worn cameras on the market today.

Rotatable camera head

Most body cameras have a fixed lens that doesn't always record where you expect it to. Because humans come in all shapes and sizes, and because police uniforms are different with every agency, mounting a body camera on a uniform where it will not only fit comfortably but record what you see is a bit of a challenge. This body camera, however, lets you adjust camera angle with its rotating head, creating mounting opportunities no other body camera in the market can challenge. 

Car mode

The Vision body camera has unique multi-purpose features and can easily be turned into a car camera at the click of a button. Once it's in car mode and plugged into your vehicle's DC outlet, the camera will automatically start/stop recording once the engine is on/off. A suction mount and a visor clip are also available for different mounting options.

Other Modes and Accessories

It's important for a body camera to have different mounting capabilities and options, and that's probably why so many law enforcement departments and agencies all around the world use the Vision police body camera. It has 2 external cameras for Point of View recording, seeing as one of them is attached to a headset and the other is a clip-on attachment for glasses, collar or hat,

body cameras on police uniform.

and another external camera for night vision. Extended battery packs of 4 or 24 hours for longer recording time are available. Officers also have the options to record audio only or to take photos, all with the touch of a button.

law enforcement grade body camera

Other Features and Technologies

The Vision body camera is also equipped with unique and exclusive technologies and features, such as One Touch Recording, that allows the officer to start/stop recording with the touch of a switch; Critical Reconnect Technology, that automatically resumes recording on the body camera in case the external camera is unplugged; Public Awareness Light, which is a set of 4 LED lights that can be used to inform the public they are being recorded; Advanced Pre-Record, to make sure an officer never misses any critical moments, even if he forgets to start recording; and many more.

To learn about the Evidence Management Software integrated with this camera, click here.

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