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Body Cameras for the Professional

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 Body Worn Cameras for the Professional

Wolfcom Body Worn Cameras are made specifically for Law Enforcement and Military

Military and Law Enforcement Grade Body Cameras

The Photo Function lets and officer photograph crimes scenes, bodily injury and property damage.

The Most Versatile Body Camera ever made

Body cameras record interactions with the public and reduces complaints!

Find out why Police Officers are making the change to Wolfcom

Our Body Cameras are comfortable with multiple functions and features

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"Because Cops Deserve The Best"

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Wolves have always been among you. You might not have noticed but we've always been there protecting you, watching over you. It takes a certain breed to do what we do. A belief system that is our creed... and when we are united, watch out! Because we would do everything it takes to protect you from what you fear the most. Even if it means losing a few of our own. Because it's YOU that we believe in. Honor, courage, integrity above all else. It's what we are, it's who we are, and we will always be here for you.


For the wolf in every man. Wolfcom


point of view body camera

The Wolfcom Vision
Introducing our newest addition to our police body camera line. The Wolfcom Vision police body camera is a result of hundreds of pages of feedback from law enforcement all over the world. Setting new standards for police body cameras worldwide, the Vision features Point of View recording as well as multiple configurations for every body type or uniform style.

wolfcom body cameras

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye
Designed for police and military the Wolfcom 3rd Eye is designed to be more than just a body camera. This amazing unit is designed to be the ultimate law enforcement tool assisting officers in their everyday duties. From documenting crimes scenes, property damage, and bodily injury, to marking locations of tossed weapons or drugs during a pursuit, the Wolfcom 3rd eye is designed to be with an officer every step of the way.

evidence management software

Management Software
The Wolfcom Management Software is designed to manage all your department's digital evidence from body camera videos,
digital pictures, in-car videos, surveillance camera videos, documents, audio recordings and other standard media files. This allows
officers the ability to quickly find and view digital evidence. Wolfcom knows that no two agencies are exactly alike. Our approach is to identify your unique challenges and develop a solution that addresses and solves problems for your department.
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