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Body camera label

The most configurable body camera ever!

Our Patent Pending dual 2 camera system continues recording in the event a camera is disconnected during a scuffle. Rotatable Camera head and 360 degree clip makes this camera adaptable to all types of uniforms and body types. AV inputs allow external cameras to be added for POV recording.

law enforcement grade body camera

Fits best for those that require:

  • Officer Comfort¬†
  • Ease of Use
  • Lightweight
  • Slim Profile
  • POV Adaptable
  • Pre-Record
Officer Harris from the Sheriff's department

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LAPD officer with body camera
4 in 1 body camera for Police.

Body Camera built-into a Radio Speaker Mic!

This body camera integrates with a 2 way radio replacing your standard lapel mic allowing officers to use 1 item for multiple purposes. Considered a Law Enforcement tool rather than a body camera, this unit can be quickly detached from the uniform to take photos, peek around corners, communicate with dispatch and other officers. Its a 4 in 1 device that every officer will find useful on the field.

Body camera built into a radio speaker mic

Specifically designed for officers that require:

  • One Touch Record
  • Long battery Life
  • Instant Playback Screen
  • 2-way Radio Integration
  • Multi-functional tool
  • GPS Location Playback on VMS

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In-car camera solution
In-car solutions

The latest in In-Car Camera technology, our Network Video Recorders together with our IP Car cameras and touch screens give you the quality you expect from a law enforcement provider. Upload videos via Wifi or record straight to SSD or an SD card all with peace of mind everything is encrypted. 

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Evidence Management

On-Premise Solution so you have full control of your data.

Manage your body camera and In-car camera data all in one place with our CJIS Compliant Evidence Management Storage Solution. Comes Pre-installed with Anti-virus, Video Extractor, and Management Software. Use as a stand alone docking station or connect to you network and access your files from any PC with only a web browser. Turn any PC on the Network as an additional docking station for different groups within your organization.

This CJIS compliant evidence management solution comes complete with docking station, storage server, management software, and body cameras.  Officers dock their cameras at the end of the day and our software uploads and encrypts videos from body cameras and in-car cameras.

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