Become CCI Certified

Integrate your Body Cameras with CJIS

Apply for a CCI Number for your Body Cameras

Become CCI Certified! Get your CJIS Certification of Integration today!


We accept integration requests from Qualified Body Camera Manufacturers. To become qualified, you must be a Gold Supplier with Alibaba and have a website that sells police body cameras.

If you are a manufacturer of police body cameras and would like to receive your CCI Certification, simply follow the application steps below to integrate your cameras with our CJIS Compliant Evidence Management Software.

  1. Fill out and Submit the Contact Form below.
  2. Signed an NDA with us.
  3. Ship your body cameras and docking station to us. (You pay shipping to us)
  4. Provide us with the API and SDK for your body cameras.
  5. Our Development Team will work to integrate your body cameras into our software.
  6. We'll scan and check your body cameras for viruses and malicious code.
  7. When we are done. We will ship your cameras and docking station back to you. (We pay Shipping back to you)
  8. Your company will be issued a CCI Number and be listed on our CCI database.