Halo 2.0 Body Camera with 24-Hr Battery,24-Hr Flashback, GPS, Nigh Vision, Pre-Record, Post-Record, Covert Mode, & 64GB Memory


WOLFCOM Halo 2.0 Police Body Camera

The Ultimate in Law Enforcement Technology

The WOLFCOM Halo 2.0 is the cutting-edge body camera designed for the modern law enforcement officer. Built to deliver unmatched performance and reliability, the Halo 2.0 is packed with advanced features to ensure comprehensive documentation and enhance officer safety in every situation.

Key Features:

24-Hour Battery Life

  • Non-Stop Recording: Equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous recording, the Halo 2.0 ensures you never miss a moment, no matter how long your shift lasts.

24-Hour Flashback

  • Retrieve Non-Event Videos: The innovative 24-Hour Flashback feature allows you to access and retrieve videos that were not intentionally recorded, capturing those critical moments that may otherwise be lost.

GPS Geotagging

  • Enhanced Location Tracking: Integrated GPS geotagging provides precise location data for every recording, enhancing situational awareness and ensuring accurate documentation of events.

Night Vision

  • Clear Recording in Low Light: Advanced night vision technology ensures high-quality recording in low-light environments, providing clear video evidence regardless of the time of day.

Pre-Record and Post-Record

  • Comprehensive Documentation: The pre-record function captures events leading up to activation, while post-record ensures footage continues after deactivation, offering a complete and uninterrupted record of events.

Holster Trigger Activation

  • Automatic Recording: The holster trigger activation feature automatically starts recording when the camera is drawn from its holster, ensuring critical moments are captured without delay.

Covert Mode

  • Discreet Operation: Covert Mode allows for silent and discreet recording, ideal for undercover operations or situations requiring a low profile.

64GB Memory

  • Ample Storage: With 64GB of internal memory, the Halo 2.0 provides ample storage space for hours of high-definition video, ensuring you can record extensively without worrying about storage capacity.

140° Wide Angle Lens

  • Wide Field of View: The 140-degree wide-angle lens captures a broader perspective, providing a more comprehensive view of the environment and ensuring no detail is missed.

The WOLFCOM Halo 2.0 Police Body Camera is designed to be the ultimate companion for law enforcement officers, combining durability, advanced features, and user-friendly operation. With the Halo 2.0, you can trust that every critical moment is recorded with clarity and precision, enhancing transparency and accountability in the line of duty.

Experience the future of law enforcement technology with the WOLFCOM Halo 2.0.

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