Commander 8-Port X2 Smart Docking Station


The Commander X2 Smart Docking Station takes body camera technology to a new level.  Able to connect through the network, the X2 Smart Station is used to dock the Commander. Once docked, the X2 automatically detects the camera and begins uploading videos to our (WEMS) WOLFCOM Evidence Management System or to the Cloud. Once complete the X2 proceeds to delete all data on the camera and begins charging it for the next day's use.

Our Smart Docking Station is used to upload body camera files straight to our  Wolfcom Cloud or to our On-Premises WEMS Storage Solution on your network. One Station can accommodate up to 8 cameras. The 22-inch touchscreen LCD monitor is used to verify camera connection and to see upload status. When you dock your body camera, the built-in extractor will detect your camera and begin the download sequence. A status bar will appear to display how many percentages are left before the download is complete.

How many X2 stations do you need?
You’ll need one X2 docking station for every 8 officers.
For example:
If you have 40 officers, you’ll need 5 of these stations.


What's included: 

1 x X2 Smart Upload Station 
1 x Commander 8 Port Docking Station
1 x Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x 1-Year Warranty and Support

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