"COPS" Commander Online Platform System


Commander Online Platform System


Developed to allow live communication, body camera tracking, and live streaming, COPS allows dispatchers to watch live streams from body cameras, communicate with field officers, as well as an SOS button that allows officers to share their live location and video feed in case of an emergency.

Live Video Footage

Dispatchers and Supervisors can watch live video footage from any Commander Body Camera while officers are out in the field. 

Device Tracking in Real-Time

The GPS location of each Commander Body camera can be tracked in real-time and displayed on a map.

Emergency SOS Connect 

The SOS Live Stream Connect feature allows officers to relay live video footage including their GPS location to Dispatch in the event of an emergency.

Direct Communication

Field officers can communicate with dispatch officers using their Commander cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between WEMS and Command Center?

WEMS is an Evidence Management System to manage your evidence such as audios, videos, photos, and documents. The WOLFCOM Command Center also known as COPS, is a web-based system that allows for communication, body camera tracking, and live streaming. These are 2 different systems that do not integrate with each other.

What cameras does the Command Center work with?

The Command Center is only compatible with the WOLFCOM Commander Body Camera.

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