VENTURE Suction Cup Car Windshield Mount


Instantly turn your VENTURE body camera into a low-cost In-Car camera system.  Begins recording when you hit a switch or start your vehicle. Comes with a threaded VENTURE clip and 7ft USB cable for In-car.

The VENTURE police body-worn video camera can also be used as a police car dash camera. When the officer gets into his vehicle, he can quickly clip the WOLFCOM VENTURE camera onto the window visor. When he exits his vehicle, he can un-clip it from the visor and attach it to his uniform.

The Car Mode function enables the unit to be used as a police in-car camera system. The unit will begin recording video when the vehicle ignition is activated and will stop recording video when the vehicle ignition is de-activated. If desired, the Wolfcom VENTURE™ can begin recording when a siren is activated (Additional Installation and parts will be needed for Siren Activation). When docked, the Wolfcom VENTURE™ and all of its accessories will also be charging. That means the unit will always be fully charged.

What's included: 

1 x VENTURE Windshield Mount
1 x Threaded VENTURE Clip
1 x 7ft USB Cable for In-Car

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